Details regarding Beta

Martin Kerstein a Member of ArenaNet recently posted more information regarding the beta process.
There will be Beta Weekend Events, not everybody will have access to it as their will be a selection criteria which has not yet been announced. The beta weekends will start on a Friday and end on the following Sunday. A date has not been given, however this is wonderful news giving us an insight on how the beta will be!

Ok, to clarify a couple of points:

We purposely didn’t use the term “Open Beta”, we mentioned Beta Events. To some people Open Beta means unlimited access to the game and everybody on the interwebs can play it. This is not what we will do.

We will do Beta Weekend Events. Those of you who played Guild Wars might already be familiar with the concept. It means that many of you (like the blogpost says) will get a chance to participate in specific Events, but access won’t be unlimited – there will be some kind of selection criteria and the beta period will usually start on a Friday and end on the following Sunday.”

-Martin Kerstein

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