GW2PC News Round-Up: Beta Goodies You Might Have Missed

With another Guild Wars 2 beta round done, dozens of new videos are floating around the Net. We’ve assembled a link recap of the best stuff to come out in the past week or so – videos, news, and some April Fools antics down at the Guild Wars 2 Reddit page, all for your catching-up pleasure.

Official News

–          Link Round-Up: CBT3 Edition | ArenaNet

Opinions, Previews and Lists

–          Guild Wars 2: Separating Wheat from Chaff by Lewis B | Tap Repeatedly
–          An Outsider’s Look Inside Guild Wars 2 by Jef Reahard | Massively
–          Guild Wars 2 Column: 5 Great Little Things in Guild Wars 2 by Suzie Ford | MMORPG.com
–          Guild Wars 2 Beta Preview by Richard Cobbett | Rock Paper Shotgun
–          Guild Wars 2 is Challenging the MMO Establishment by Heinrich Lenhardt | VentureBeat
–          Everything You Wanted to Know About Guild Wars 2 by Mike Fahey | Kotaku
–          Guild Wars 2 Beta Q&A: Why Should You Play ArenaNet’s Fantasy MMO? by Leah Jackson | G4TV

World vs. World PvP

–          A Look at Guild Wars 2’s World vs. World PvP | Massively

Eternal Battlegrounds

–          Guild Wars 2 Tour: Eternal Battlegrounds | GameBreaker.TV

Traits and Skills

–          Guild Wars 2 Traits and Skills Preview | MMORPG.com

Story Mode Dungeon

–          GW2 Beta – Story Mode Dungeon | The Cynical Brit / TotalBiscuit

Home Instances

–          Guild Wars 2: Personal Home Instances | Guild Wars Insider

For Mac Players

–          Guild Wars 2 on a Mac? | Guild Wars Insider


–          Is There Anything From GW1 That You’ll Miss in GW2? | Reddit
–          Most OP PvP Profession? | GW2PC

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    I’m really hoping the game can be run on the mac :/

    • Anonymous

      Lool macs SUCK, get a pc.