Guild Wars 2 Daily News: 2 Million Sales and Counting

Just barely two weeks after its launch, there are now more than two million Guild Wars 2 box owners worldwide. That’s roughly 0.026% of the population if we’re going to be geomath geeky about it, or roughly the same number of people in the whole state of Nevada. That’s how many people have bought the game.

In a release, ArenaNet also added more milestone wowzers. Peak concurrency — a fancy term for the highest number of people playing at any time – is regularly exceeding 400,000 players and, as we reported before, the game is the current top-seller in ten European territories.

ArenaNet is foreseeing more sales in the following weeks now that it has resumed distribution via buy.guildwars2.com, which they temporarily blocked to let the servers catch up with the demand. I guess it’s a good thing that we keep seeing this reminder on the almost-daily status updates: “We’re increasing world capacity as necessary to handle all new players coming into the game.”

ArenaNet surely doesn’t want a repeat of the overflow fiasco, a capacity problem that appears to have mellowed somewhat as the days have passed. Or maybe because we’re just rising up in levels and the high concurrency that triggered the overflow glitches is no longer a problem in non-lowbie areas…

Pic credit: zain.com

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