Guild Wars 2 Daily News: Dungeons Now Reward 40 More Tokens But There’s a Catch…

The September 25 patch has gone live, and it has upped dungeon rewards to benefit “players who play through them normally” while hitting “those who are using exploitative methods to farm them.”

Explaining via patch notes, ArenaNet said that dungeons reward 20 tokens for completion and now reward an additional 40 tokens the first time they are completed each day. “This means that if players can complete all 3 chains of a dungeon in a day, they’ll receive a total of 180 tokens, which is enough to purchase some of the smaller rewards.”

The change should encourage players to stick through the entire dungeon run. For those who still find it more profitable to farm the first boss ad nauseam, ArenaNet said this grinding method has been closed off for now.

Dungeon tokens are now rewarded at the end of an explorable chain. This was done to stop players  from repeatedly entering a chain and farming the first boss that dropped tokens rather than playing the entire chain. At some point in the near future, we will make up for this by making dungeon tokens a rare drop so that even players who are not completing a chain can make partial progress toward the rewards.”

This will definitely hurt casual players who only have time to clear one boss then has to skidaddle out of the game. Basically, it’s all or nothing right now for each chain run. We also didn’t have to wait long for dungeon tokens to become account bound; the change has gone live with this update as well.

What do you think of these dungeon changes? Will they crimp your token farming strategy, or will they give you a big boost?

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