GW2 Requirements & System Specifications


The screenshots and videos don’t lie. Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic-looking game with spell effects that fill the screen and ultra-detailed environments you’ll want to get lost in. But of course, your very first question should be: Can I even run it on my PC?
[orange_lined]ArenaNet hasn’t released the official system specifications, but you probably won’t have to buy a totally new rig to run Guild Wars 2. [/orange_lined]

The consensus is that ArenaNet will keep the minimum system specifications as low as possible, so that if you can play other online games like Aion and Star Wars the Old Republic you will also be able to play Guild Wars 2. Of course right now these are just mere speculations.

Guild Wars 2 Graphics – Adjustment Controls

During the beta, we also got a glimpse of how you can customize your graphic settings by accessing the Options menu or pressing the keyboard shortcut “F13”. Here is a rundown of the adjustment options confirmed for Guild Wars 2.

Best Performance – Balanced – Best Appearance

Guild Wars 2 allows you to calibrate your visuals based on presets, from the best performance settings to the best appearance settings. What constitutes as best performance and best appearance will of course if you barely meet or greatly exceed the Guild Wars 2 system requirements.

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