GW2PC Daily News: Gem Store Items and Prices – Which Ones are Worth Buying?

Gem store shoppers, it’s your lucky day. We’ve rounded up the list of items being sold at the Guild Wars 2 gem store, including their prices, for your shopping and redemption convenience. For funsies, we also judged each gem store item according to their importance – whether they’re a bargain-buy, wait-a-while, or for-superfans-only.

  • Carnival Ringmaster’s Hat, Cook’s Outfit, Pirate Mate’s Outfit, Scholar’s Outfit – For-superfans-only. If you’re into cosmetic items, then shop for these.
  • Fine Transmutation Stone and Transmutation Store – For-superfans-only. Lets you keep using your favorite weapon model.


  • Dye Pack – Wait-a-while. When you get bored with your digs.
  • Magic Plant Food – Wait-a-while. Could be cheaper than Dye Pack in the long run.
  • Mystic Key – Wait-a-while. You have a chance to get it as a drop.

  • Asuran Bank Portal – For-superfans-only. Map travel is quite convenient as of now.
  • Instant Repair Canister – For-superfans-only. Repairs are also quite convenient now.
  • Perfect Salvage Kit – Bargain-buy. Guaranteed success saves you time and upgrades.
  • Resurrection Orb – Wait-a-while. Not sure if time saved running back is worth the 250 gems.


  • Unlock Bag Slot – Bargain-buy. Pays for itself for the additional loot you get per run.
  • Unlock Bank Tab – Bargain-buy. Bank tabs are shared across ALL your toons so this is a great gem investment.

  • Crafting Boost – For-superfans-only. Only 50% chance is a bit of dealbreak.
  • Experience Boost – For-superfans-only. Powerlevelers will like this.
  • Karma Boost – Wait-a-while. Need to find a fast Karma farm first though.
  • Killstreak Experience Boost – Wait-a-while. We want to see others try this first.
  • Magic Find Boost – Wait-a-while. Potentially worth it.


  • Minis Pack – For-superfans-only. Nice item for collectors.

This should come in handy for the next beta weekend event, especially if you still haven’t spent the free gems from ArenaNet or if you’re looking to refill your gem stash soon.

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