GW2PC Instant News: The Escapist Likes GW2 for Being Group-Friendly

Thank the six human gods — Guild Wars 2 is not a sad, solo-centric MMO!

That’s the basic reaction from The Escapist’s Justin Clouse who tested the beta and is now lauding the game’s push for easy team play. “The emphasis on working together with other players without jumping through hoops is something this genre has really needed,” he said in a new preview article for the popular gaming site.

The bulk of the preview describes the new systems in Guild Wars 2, and was obviously written for gamers who did not participate in the beta weekend event. What was his minor complaint? Needing to buy keys for Mystic Chests. I’m guessing he didn’t get the memo that Mystic Chest Keys drop from mobs, if a bit rarely.


[orange_lined] Guild Wars 2 Preview | The Escapist [/orange_lined]


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