GW2PC News Round-UP – The First Guild Wars 2 Beta

GW2PC News Round-UP – The First Guild Wars 2 Beta

There’s been an avalanche of news following the recently concluded first-ever Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, so much that you might not even know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got the bases covered with our link recap of the most incisive beta impressions and riveting videos to come out of the playtest:

Beta Impressions

[orange_lined]Guild Wars 2 Isn’t Like Any MMO You’ve Played Before Jonathan Ross | Destructoid
GameSpot’s Impressions Podcast | GameSpot
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Jenn | Guild Wars 2 Guru
Guild Wars 2: Casting Aside Convention Charles Onyett | IGN
Guild Wars 2 [Preview] Beta First Impressions Paul Younger | IncGamers
Shawn’s Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Close Beta Impressions Shawn Schuster | Massively
Close Beta Weekends and Quick Impressions | Kill Ten Rats
Ten Things I Learned from Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Mike Fahey | Kotaku
The Good and Bad of Guild Wars 2 William Murphy | MMORPG.com
Guild Wars 2 Is The MMO Revolution That Star Wars: The Old Republic Promised | GameInformer[/orange_lined]

Beta Gameplay Videos and Guides

[orange_lined]Starting Zones Previews | MMORPG.com
Mesmer Gameplay | TotalBiscuit
Skills Overview of All Professions Minus the Warrior | GWOnline.net
Questing Video and,,, Bear Cubs!   | The Yogscast
World vs. World PvP | IGN
Guilds and Influence | IncGamers[/orange_lined]


That’s easily a day’s worth of reading and watching for you, so be sure to take a break and hang out at the GW2PC forums where other fans are busy chatting what they’re loving about the beta. For more GW2 news and interviews check out the previous News Round-UP.

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