Tinker with the New Traits and Attributes for Guild Wars 2

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Not too long ago, developers sat down and evaluated the level of spec customization in Guild Wars 2. “Are we pushing it far enough?” The answer was no, apparently, so they decided to introduce new attributes and traits, listed in their full glory in this new Traits and Attributes developer blog.

To recap, systems designer Jon Peters said there are new Offense attributes that improve critical strikes, conditions damage and condition durations, and new Support abilities that boost heals and boons duration.

On top of that, each profession now has a unique attribute that enhances their playstyle. Warriors, for example, can increase their special Brawn attribute to make their burst skills deadlier.

That’s not all. GW2 players will be able to invest points between five different trait lines. So for your Engineer, you will have to choose whether to specialize in damaging Explosives, deadly Firearms, useful Inventions, unstable Alchemy or debilitating Tools. (They all sound so fun!)

Click here to see the trait lines for all professions.
[orange_lined]Our biggest take-away is that it will be hard to pin down a cookie-cutter build in Guild Wars 2. With so many possible combinations of traits and attributes – and with ArenaNet promising that they will try to make them all competitively viable – then expect to make a lot of tough decisions on how to develop your character.[/orange_lined]
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Play Your Way: Jon Peters on Traits and Attributes | ArenaNet

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