Guild Wars 2 Instant News: New Gem Store Items and Prices — in Poster Form!

Plush Quaggan Backpack Poster1

We just received a salivating email poster from ArenaNet displaying its new batch of gem store items, including the Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover, Riding Broom and Evon Gnashblade’s Box ‘o Fun. The Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover and Riding Broom – both Style items – are tad more expensive than existing single-slot clothing such as the […]

Guild Wars 2 Daily News: New Dungeon Mechanics Will Remove Res-Rushing Completely


Res-rushing had a good run, but it’ll soon be put to sleep by ArenaNet. Content designer Robert Hrouda said that as part of an upcoming dungeon system overhaul, ArenaNet is planning to disable res-rushing as a viable tactic during dungeon runs. Hrouda described “res-rushing” as the act of using the waypoint to resurrect immediately after […]

Guild Wars 2 Instant News: World Transfer Fees Will Scale Based on Population

Humans in Lions Arch

Transferring home worlds now cost gems, and based on the latest Flame and Frost: Prelude patch notes, the gem fees will also fluctuate based on the population of the world you are transferring to. With this system, ArenaNet should be able to encourage players to relocate to lower population servers to save on gem costs. […]

Guild Wars 2 Instant News: Pick-from-a-list Dailies Coming in a Later Patch


There’s been a slight hiccup to the pick-from-a-list dailies system that is meant to make players choose the dailies they want to complete and avoid those they find boring or time-consuming. According to game director Colin Johanson: “This system for picking from a list for dailies, along with rotating in new more specific achievements will […]

Guild Wars 2 Instant News: Flame and Frost: Prelude Patch Notes

Update Notes Header

  ArenaNet has released the full patch notes for the Flame and Frost update, and it’s worth the long read. There’s a vivid summary of the Living Story series, the storyline arc which will define the next few months of content in Guild Wars 2, detailed descriptions of the new features from guesting to achievement […]

Guild Wars 2 Daily News: New Unique Minis + Everything Else You Can Buy With Laurels

Goedulf and Chauncey von Snuffles III minis

  So cute. Cannot resist. Those lovely furries staring back at you are Goedulf the wolf-cub (left) and Chauncey von Snuffles III (right), the two new unique minis available as rewards when you trade in those lovely new laurel currency. Laurel currency, which has just been released with the Flame and Frost: Prelude update, can […]

Guild Wars 2 Daily News: Maguuma Gaining Momentum in NA World vs World Rankings (January 25, 2013)


NA World vs. World Rankings Feisty Maguuma jumped four places this week to 7th position, just out of the Tier 2 band of the NA World vs. World rankings as of January 25, 2013. The increasingly competitive world might now be in the radar of Sea of Sorrows which  continues to sit pretty in first […]

Guild Wars 2 Daily News: Here’s Why You Can’t Knock NPCs Off A Cliff


We’ve all felt the agony before: You clear mobs up a mountain path, reach the boss overlooking its steep slopes, and then realize the next minute you’ve been thrown off a cliff by the boss’s knockback ability. You probably die and spend the next minutes cursing at the cruelty of life. The worst part is, […]

Guild Wars 2 Instant News: Festive Lionguard Makes Last Call for Gift Exchanges

Festive Lionguard

The Festive Lionguard vendors that have been trading Wintersday items for Ugly Wool socks, hats and sweaters will be packing up and leaving their spots in Black Citadel, Divinity’s Reach, Lion’s Arch, Rata Sum and The Grove. ArenaNet reminds in a PSA to make your final exchanges before January 28th PST. The vendors offer two […]

Guild Wars 2 Daily News: Golem in a Box No Longer Usable in World vs World

Golem in a Box

Better enjoy your last day of Golem in a Box shenanigans! The consumable item will no longer be usable in World vs. World after the Flame and Frost prelude patch goes live tomorrow, according to systems designer Mike Ferguson. Fans had been complaining about the spammable damage a large stack of Golem in a Boxes […]