GW2 PC News Round-Up: BWE1 Previews, Reviews and Amazing PvP Vids

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With the Guild Wars 2 first beta weekend event now done and over with, bloggers and new sites are beginning to roll out their initial impressions on the game. From combat to crafting and gem shop items, this round-up gathers the new previews to come out the beta. Check out the list to compare play […]

GW2PC News Round-Up: Beta Goodies You Might Have Missed

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With another Guild Wars 2 beta round done, dozens of new videos are floating around the Net. We’ve assembled a link recap of the best stuff to come out in the past week or so – videos, news, and some April Fools antics down at the Guild Wars 2 Reddit page, all for your catching-up […]

GW2PC News Round-Up – Pre-order Guild Wars 2 and Confirmed System Requirements

[png alt="Guild Wars 2 News" title="Read the News Round-Up here!" width="550" height="123"][/png] What’s that noise? That’s the sound of piggy banks shattering like Mesmer illusions at the news that Guild Wars 2 can be pre-ordered starting April 10! For spartan gamers who can game without the fancy add-ons, there’s the budget Digital Edition set. But […]

GW2PC News Round-Up – ArenaNet’s Picks and 1 Million Registered for Beta!

Guild Wars 2 News

[png alt="Guild Wars 2 News" title="Read the News Round-Up here!" width="550" height="123"][/png] ArenaNet’s Rubi Bayer composed a round-up of the most noteworthy beta articles she’s found over the past week. A lot of what she listed was already included in our own news round-up, but there were a few new ones which we’ve listed below. […]

GW2PC News Round-UP – The First Guild Wars 2 Beta

GW2PC News Round-UP – The First Guild Wars 2 Beta

There’s been an avalanche of news following the recently concluded first-ever Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, so much that you might not even know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got the bases covered with our link recap of the most incisive beta impressions and riveting videos to come out of the playtest: Beta Impressions […]

GW2PC News Round-UP ~ New Screenshots

guild wars 2 scholar

Check out new exclusive screenshots that recently surfaced over at GuildWarsInsider! In the recent screenshots you’ll see the Scholar Armor and various professions out in the battle field against one another. There’s also screenshots of new PvP maps and their home bases. You definitively wanna check it out! Check out the rest of the screenshots. […]

GW2PC News Round-UP

guild wars 2  news round up 30

Since the recent announcement of the Mesmer profession and closed beta there hasn’t been so much going on. Perhaps we’ll get a treat for New Years! Don’t forget to join our forums for a chance to win the steam Giveaway! If you’ve got a guild or are currently forming one and need a forum check […]

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