Guild Wars 2 System Requirements – System Specifications

Guild Wars 2 System Requirements – System Specifications


The screenshots and videos don’t lie. Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic-looking game with spell effects that fill the screen and ultra-detailed environments you’ll want to get lost in. But of course, your very first question should be: Can I even run it on my PC?
[orange_lined] ArenaNet hasn’t released the official system specifications, but you probably won’t have to buy a totally new rig to run Guild Wars 2. [/orange_lined]

The consensus is that ArenaNet will keep the minimum system specifications as low as possible, so that if you can play other online games like Aion and Star Wars the Old Republic you will also be able to play Guild Wars 2. Of course right now these are just mere speculations.

Update Minimum System Requirements Announced

– Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
– Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
– NVIDIA GeForce 7800, ATI Radeon X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (257MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
– 25 GB available HDD space
– Broadband Internet connection
– Keyboard and mouse

What do you mean by minimum system specifications? And how is this different from recommended system specifications?

Minimum system specifications help you determine whether your PC is powerful enough to play the game or not, while recommended system specifications are what developers decide as the benchmark PC performance for you to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.
[orange_lined] If you do not meet the minimum Guild Wars 2 system requirements – for example your Windows operating system is outdated or you do not have enough memory – then you will probably fail to start the game. [/orange_lined]

If you pass the minimum specifications but fall short of the recommended system requirements, then you will most likely run the game but with possible performance issues and crashes. That’s why you’ll want to meet the recommended system specifications or even exceed get the stunning visuals and smoothest play experience in Guild Wars 2.

Why haven’t they finalized the official Guild Wars 2 system requirements yet?

System requirements will be revealed when Guild Wars 2 is about to launch. At its currents state, the game is not yet optimized and developers are busy figuring out how to make the game compatible to old and new PCs – which is why you had to submit your system specifications as part of the beta test.
[orange_lined]After gathering feedback from the beta tests, ArenaNet should be able to finalize the minimum and recommended requirements. We’ll update this page as soon as those come out. [/orange_lined]

So what PC should I get then to have the best chance of running Guild Wars 2?

GuildWars2Guru has an excellent PC buying advice thread that discusses what you should be looking for in terms of CPU, GPU and RAM. You can also visit the GW2PC forums and start a thread of your own to discuss what kinds of PC setups are generally robust enough for dedicated MMO gaming.

Guild Wars 2 Graphics – Adjustment Controls

During the beta, we also got a glimpse of how you can customize your graphic settings by accessing the Options menu or pressing the keyboard shortcut “F13”. Here is a rundown of the adjustment options confirmed for Guild Wars 2.

Best Performance – Balanced – Best Appearance

Guild Wars 2 allows you to calibrate your visuals based on presets, from the best performance settings to the best appearance settings. What constitutes as best performance and best appearance will of course if you barely meet or greatly exceed the Guild Wars 2 system requirements.

If you choose the best performance settings, you will experience less lag and gameplay hiccups but at the cost of turning down or turning off some visual effects. Vice versa, when you choose the best appearance settings, your fights might turn sluggish especially in heavily populated cities and crowded World vs. World areas.

[orange_lined] PC Gamer made a video that shows a basic visual and performance comparison when playing the game on the Best Performance, Balanced and Best Appearance settings: [/orange_lined]


–          Resolution (To be determined)

–          Refresh rate (To be determined)

–          Interface size (To be determined)

–          Anti-aliasing (none or FXAA)

–          Texture(Low, Medium or High)

–          Terrain (Low, Medium or High)

–          Shadow (Low, Medium, High or Ultra)

–          Shaders (Low, Medium or High)

–          Reflection (None, Terrain & Sky, All)

–          Depth of field (None, Depth, Depth & Edge)

–          Wait for vertical sync (None or Activated)

–          High-res character texture (None or Activated)

–          Enable stereoscopic rendering (None or Activated)

There is also an Auto Detect button that does the dirty work for you. Click it and the game will automatically tinker with the adjustment options based on how well you meet the Guild Wars 2 system requirements . You can then modify individual options to suit your viewing preferences.
[orange_lined]Check back after the first player beta starts at March end and we’ll have updates for you, including comparison screenshots on how each adjustment option affects the look of the game.[/orange_lined]

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