GW2PC Daily News: Why ArenaNet Downsized its Server Worlds for BWE3

Why ArenaNet Downsized Its Server Count for BWE3 Header

There will be a total of 18 NA servers and 24 EU servers for the Beta Weekend Event 3 coming this weekend, ArenaNet announced in a blog post today, far fewer than we had in BWE2. And we know what you’re thinking: But more servers are better! Not for ArenaNet, apparently. Even as BWE3 is […]

GW2PC Daily News: Server Transfers Will Cost Gems, New “Guesting” Feature Unveiled

GW2 Choosing and Transferring Worlds in GW2

There will be a total of 48 home world servers – 24 US and 24 EU – available during the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event, said community team lead Martin Kerstein in a new dev post. That’s a lot of servers for us to choose from this Friday’s playtest, the beta client for […]

Guild Wars 2 Region Lock and What it Means For Your Access

Guild Wars 2 has been confirmed to be a region-locked game, but there’s been a slight confusion as to how this will affect access to servers. ArenaNet community manager Rubi Bayer reiterated on Facebook that the region lock will not bar you from any world server; it’s only a measure to ensure you play in […]